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HairTree Therapy  & Earth Essence By: Erin Erickson

Chemical Free Beauty Products

Erin Erickson

Owner, operator, developer & designer of HairTree Therapy and Earth Essence was raised in a small agricultural town of Thamesville, Ontario, Canada & never ventured far from home. Now raising her 2 sons only 15 minutes from her home town. She resides in & practices her business in Dresden, Ontario, Canada. A daughter, a sister, a mother, a licensed stylist/colourist, a reiki practitioner, a crystal therapist, a spiritual leader & an entrepreneur with a big dream & even bigger heart! With over 20 years in the beauty industry, and 3 years in multiple energy healing modalities, Erin, is devoted to helping her customers feel & look their best!!

NOW AVAILABLE...ENERGY HEALING AND SPRITUAL GUIDANCE WITH EARTH ESSENCE BY: ERIN ERICKSON! Please click the new tab "Services" and Eath Essence" tabs for full details on these beautiful services!

Erin's Thoughts... I like my products, how I like my people...non toxic :)

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Clean Ingredients, Chemical Free Formulas,

Organic Hair, Scalp & Skin Care,

Handcrafted with Love...HairTree Therapy - ON, Canada