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HairTree Therapy  & Earth Essence By: Erin Erickson

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ReNew Lotion--For Body and Face!

This luxurious, completely natural, non pore clogging, amazingly hydrating lotion is loaded with nature's goodness and is a blessing like no other for the entire skin of the face and body! It's nourishing, healing, age defining, moisturizing, and renewing for all skin types, even those with skin ailments! It floods the skin with therapeutic and repairing vitamins and minerals. Acts as a barrier to prevent the loss of hydration throughout the day and night, and moisturizes the skin to avoid cracking and winter skin irritations. When applied to the face, eye and lip area, the high quantity of naturally derived anti aging actives in the formula-will aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, lessen the appearance of dark circles, uneven skin tones and puffy eyes. When applied to the body, the natural firming and toning properties will result in a smoother silhouette, helping to aid in the reduction of cellulite. Healing ingredients to lighten the appearance of existing stretch marks and scars. Not to mention the intensive repairing and soothing action of this lotion. Moisturize and hydrate without the greasy feel and without clogging pores. It's great for all skin types, including those with skin conditions.

It perfectly blends nature's free radical fighting power with the health benefits of olive leaf, rosehip, Shea, alphahydroxy fruits extracts, oatmeal, herbs and many amazing botanicals. Add the beneficial properties of calendula to the nourishing blend of jojoba, grapeseed, marigold, keratin and many high powered antioxidant and healing essential oils! An ultimate ENTIRE face and body lotion that you will see in the mirror and in the feel of your skin. Youthful, renewed, nourished appearance--is the final result!!!

HAIRTREE THERAPY AND EARTH ESSENCE ... what nature intended!!

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