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HairTree Therapy  & Earth Essence By: Erin Erickson

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Tarot, Oracle, Crystal and Rune Readings


In Depth Intuitive Spritual Readings by Erin Erickson

Tarot, Oracle, Crystal and Run Readings

A beautiful and non-traditional service to raise your vibration and connect with the spiritual realm. Bringing insight, guidance and clarity to areas of your life most needed!

Since Covid began, all readings and energy healing services are being done energetically and distantly. It has actually proven to be an even more beautiful experience all the way around…for myself and the client. It sets a calmer vibe, which instantly creates a high frequency for energy and connection to flow.

All that I required from you (the client) is an up-to-date picture of yourself (a selfie is best, as long as your eyes can be seen), your birthdate, and all names you have gone by. (First, middle, any last names)

Prior to readings (or energy treatments), I meditate with your picture and repeat your birthdate and full name over and over in my thoughts and ask that your spiritual team join me to bring forward insights, guidance, anything they would like me to share with you.

I use several different card decks (various Tarot and Oracle decks) during a reading and also read runes and crystals as part of it~as a whole. Also automatic writing throughout the reading and more in depth insight comes through then as well.

The initial reading, I like to keep it somewhat general in nature. Allow the clients spiritual team to express and bring forward whatever they feel the client needs to hear at that time. If/when we book further readings we can narrow it down into different aspects of life! (love, finance etc)

When the reading comes to an end, I take multiple pictures of the entire spread. Including cards, crystals and runes…and because automatic writing always brings more clarity and answers for the client…I write down everything that has come through, make a typed version and send the file to the client by email.

It’s a timely process on my end…but for the won’t even know it’s happening…you won’t be distracted or have to stop doing what you are doing in anyway~ because this is all energetic and distant work. It’s amazing!! Profound!

Once purchased, we will set up a date, but not a specific/exact time. Avoiding rigid time frames also encourages energy to flow freely and in a more connected state to the spiritual realm because time is irrelevant to our souls! Your reading will be done between the hours of 8am and 11pm on the day of booking. All information I have received to pass along to you…as well as several photos of the card spread, rune and crystal spread will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your scheduled day!

Further details will be provided once purchased!

Love and Light always... Erin

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