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HairTree Therapy By: Erin Erickson

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Calming Gift Box Set


Calming Box Gift Set

Includes the following...

1—5” White Sage Stick

1—Corked 20ml Glass Tube of Crushed Tourmaline

2—Tea Light Candles

1—1.5-2” Clear Quartz (Raw)

1—1” Clear Quartz (Tumbled)

1—1.5-2” Rose Quartz (Raw)

1—1.5-2” Amethyst Chevron (Raw)

1—1-2” Amethyst (Tumbled)

1—1” Blue Aventurine (Tumbled)

1—1.5-2” Blue Calcite (Raw)

1—1” Green Agate (Tumbled)

1—1-2” Citrine (Raw)

1—1” Citrine (Tumbled)

1—1” Howlite (Tumbled)

1—1-2” Fuchsite (Raw)

1—Yoga Inspired Silver Pendant (that can be added to a necklace or left with your crystals to amplify their energy)

All sweetly tucked inside a wooden box (stained in “Early American”)

Box style will vary, they may not be exactly as shown in photos

Lined with moss to add in extra grounding earth properties to the entire set!

A Healing and Therapeutic set. Helping to relief worries, anxieties, stress...providing a releasing, calming and soothing effect to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Improving focus, clarity and even sleep.

Wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one!

(All items will be cleared and cleansed in a white sage ceremony, and filled with a healing reiki prayer, and loving intention prior to pick up or shipment)


(Shipment is extra if required)

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