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HairTree Therapy  & Earth Essence By: Erin Erickson




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HairTree has expanding yet again! Now, as a reiki master, crystal reiki therapist and a crystal energy healer, Erin Erickson is offering customers and clients an alternative and holistic approach to self care, self love and natural chakra balancing to improve overall health. Going hand in hand with HairTree's natural beauty line, we are here to provide our customers with pure alternatives in all aspects of "self", inside-out!!!  Specializing in Intuitive Spiritual Readings!

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Spiritual Messages

Divine Guidance & Insight Kit




Erin has designed and hand crafted a beautiful Spiritual Set that can be used by ANYONE! Covering areas such as Zodiac Signs, Moon Phases, Chakras, Crystal Association, Ancient Runes, Spiritual Numbers, Astrological Houses and so much more. All handcrafted pieces and detailed print offs available so there will be absolutely no guess work when it comes to the guidance, messages or insight Spirit/The Universe is trying to relay or forward to the user!

So incredibly helpful, so incredibly beautiful! Recharge, reenergize, refresh, release and RECONNECT! Bring about the healing, harmony and balance we all need so desperately to realign our body, mind and soul... welcoming healing, change for the better and abundance in all areas of life!

Many more details to come...prepare to be amazed!!!

White Sage Bundles

Clear and Cleanse Energies

Recommended to decrease or rid negative energy. 

HairTree Energy Healing White Sage 4"

Smudging Sticks


Calm and Clear Energies

HairTree Energy Therapy Incense Pack Of 10

Includes 5 Sandalwood, 5 Frankincense Hand Dipped Incense Sticks

Recommended for Meditation and an increase in positive energy.

Incense Holder

Pair with Incense

HairTree Energy Therapy Incense Holders

Perfect fit for an incense stick, collects the ashes for less clean up afterwards.

Raw Chevron Amethyst

Energy Healing Crystal

Chevron Amethyst ~ Raw

Common Healing Properties of Chevron Amethyst:

Promotes spiritual ascension, Raises your spiritual energetic vibration, Assists you in gaining clarity of thought and insight into any situation, Aids you in the decision-making process, Heals past-life trauma by moving your spirit above and beyond it, Promotes personal and spiritual growth, Reveals hidden layers of a situation so that you’re able to better understand everything that is involved, Helps you find balance during life’s ups and downs, Assists in communication with your spirit guides, Enhances meditation, Promotes calm energy and relieves anxiety or worry. 

Tumbled Carnelian

Energy Healing Crystal

Carnelian ~ Tumbled

Common Healing Properties of Carnelian:

Helps you to feel grounded, Enhances creativity & the flow of creative ideas, Increases motivation, Stimulates success in business and financial endeavors, Assists you in overcoming negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs, Enhances sexual energy, Improves concentration, Opens your heart chakra to divine guidance and love, Instills a sense of peace and calming within the user, Removes negative energy from items or from your environment, Helps lessen pain associated with the back or with the sciatic nerve, Speeds up recovery of broken bones, Remedies sluggish digestion by enhancing the digestive fire, Aids with emotional balance, Helps heal the reproductive organs, Increases blood circulation, Regulates menstruation, Assists with energetic cleansing & purifying

Gemstone Healing

Tumbled Green Aventurine

Energy Healing Crystal

Green Aventurine ~ Tumbled

Common Healing Properties Of Green Aventurine:

Promotes healing of the physical body, Increases wealth and prosperity, Energetically protects homes, Encourages compassionate behavior, Stimulates willpower and confidence, Assists with past life work, Balances the mind, body, and spirit, Enhances creativity in artistic endeavors, Promotes inner peace and calming, Aids with emotional release, Encourages spiritual growth, Enhances inner-strength, Diminishes energetic blocks, Promotes love (for the self and for others), Known for enhancing luck, Aids in Heart Chakra Healing.

Gemstone Healing

Raw Rose Quartz

Energy Healing Crystal

Rose Quartz ~ Raw

Common Healing Properties of Rose Quartz:

Promotes unconditional love, peace, and compassion, Inspires self-love, Promotes an attitude of Loving kindness, Calms after traumatic events, Instills tenderness, Promotes mutual understanding, Adds spark to a romance and promote trust, Eases mid-life crisis, Soothes a broken heart, Helps with emotional balance, Encourages friendship & maternal love, Eases the grieving process, Promotes forgiveness, trust, and understanding, Helps with healing lungs, Increases fertility, Treats a poor complexion, Aids in Crown, and Heart Chakra Healing.

Crystal Therapy

Tumbled Aragonite

Energy Healing Crystal

Aragonite ~ Tumbled

Common Healing Properties of Brown Aragonite:

Aragonite is a stabilizing stone that centres and grounds physical energies, Reduces stress, Helps to prepare for meditation and spiritual development, Provides insight into the causes of problems and situations, Aids concentration and brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind, Teaches acceptance and patience, especially helpful to those who feel they have too much responsibility, Provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress, Helps you to solve your problems by enhancing your multi-tasking abilities and encourages you to consider many different options at once, Assists you in releasing of fears, Aids in personal growth and transformation (physical, emotional, and spiritual), Helps you to become a more well-rounded person, Aids in balancing and activating the Root and Sacral Chakras

Crystal Therapy

Tumbled Shungite

Energy Healing Crystal

Shungite ~ Tumbled

Common Healing Properties of Shungite:

Facilitates astral travel, Aids you in feeling connected to all beings and promotes feelings of universal oneness, Create a protective energetic shield around your energy body, Defends against EMFs or psychic attack, Brings light to dark times in your life, Helps to regulate the temperature of the body during energy work, Energizes your body, mind, and spirit, Transmutes negative energy into positive energy, Soothes tired eyes, Energetically supports the reduction of pain and inflammation in the body, Aids in balance and alignment of Root Chakra

Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Healing

Complete Crystal Gift Set

Spiritual Set

Complete Crystal Gift Set!

With the Holiday Season close by and the interest shown in Crystal Sets... I thought this was the perfect time to make these available for all of my free spirited, earth loving friends!

This set includes the following...

11 Crystals in total. Red Jasper, Aragonite, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Aventurine, Fucshite, Sodalite, Chevron Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Howlite. Sizes of each stone will vary. A full detailed description of the common healing properties each stone provides.

Why 11 crystals?? The number 11 holds a great amount of spiritual energy. 11 is an Angelic Master Number. Angel number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual enlightenment and awakening and is a reminder from our angels that we have come to this physical world from the realm of spirit. Angels often communicate with us using the number 11.

A Key – symbolizing and reminding you that you hold the key to happiness, that you have the power to unlock your deepest desires.

A Feather – symbolizing and reminding you of the freedom that is within you and this freedom is your birth given right to experience. Worries and anxieties can hold us from our true soul freedom. Imagine these stresses floating away, as light as a feather.

Tea Light Candles (2) and White Sage Stick - burn these on the nights of New and Full Moons to release any stuck or stagnant energy that may be trapped in your aura, your energy bodies or even your home. You may decide to start manifestation New Moon rituals or surrendering Full Moon rituals that resonate with your soul. These items are helpful for that!

Your Crystal Box Set has been lined with moss, lavender, rosemary, bay leaves and rose petals. This not only offers extra clearing, charging, and grounding properties to you and your crystal set ~ these earth elements are known to bring calmness, happiness, luck, and abundance!

Your Energy Healing Bracelet- Sandalwood, Zebra Jasper, Howlite Shell, Coconut. The combination of these crystals, stones, and earth elements will bring the wearer a sense of stability and security due to their grounding properties. Adding in a stone to bring calmness to the mind, body, and spirit so you can face problems peacefully.

Your Energy Healing Cage Pendant- Contains Labradorite and Clear Quartz Beads. Helping to deepening the connection with the spiritual realm as well as offering energetic protection and bringing balance to your energy body.

Erin Erickson has handcrafted your jewelry piece/pieces~ with pure love, cleared and cleansed in a white sage ceremony, set with loving intentions, and has received a Reiki blessing to enhancing healing properties and charge the natural vibration of the stones used. Enjoy...Sending Love and Light always: Erin, Earth Essence 


MORE PICS to few in webstore!!

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